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Makrancos Lakás Ingatlanhasznosító és Befektető Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság



1.1. Makrancos Lakás Kft. (headquarters: 9024 Győr, Kálvária utca 55. I. em. 9., locations: 8500 Pápa, Esterházy út 19 and 8500 Pápa, Vörösmarthy Mihály utca 14. Tax number: 13823313-2-08 Company registration number: 08-09-025051, phone: +36 20 254 7002, e-mail address: info@ditlin.hu website: www.ditlin.hu hereinafter: Company) DITLIN Rooms and Apartments (hereinafter: Boarding House), is a business company engaged in the operation of boarding-type accommodation and accommodation services (hereinafter: Service).

1.2. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter: GTC) are set out in 2.1. specified in point 1, are applicable to accommodation service contracts concluded on the basis of reservations made on the Company’s website through the online reservation system, and are part of them, unless expressly provided otherwise. Prior to concluding the service contract, the Guest has read and accepted the content of these Terms and Conditions, according to which it is fully applicable to the legal relationship between the Guest and the Company.

1.3. These Terms and Conditions are available on the Company’s website and at its headquarters and premises.


2.1. The person using the Service provided by the Company is the guest (hereinafter: Guest). A service contract (hereinafter: Contract) is created between the Company and the Guest regarding the provision/receipt of the Service. The Company provides the Service at its headquarters. The Contract is established between the Guest, as the user of the Service, and the Company, as the Service provider, upon the submission of the reservation by the Guest and the acceptance of the reservation by the Company, by sending an official confirmation (voucher) by email/in writing. The subject of the Agreement is the use/provision of the reserved Service. If the reservation for the Service is not made by the Guest, but by a third person, the Company considers this third person to be acting on behalf of and on behalf of the Guest and is not obliged to check whether the third person legally represents the Guest.

2.2. The booking process (sequence of technical steps) on the website:

Under the room reservation menu item

  1. Selection of arrival and departure dates
  2. Select room type
  3. Choosing the number of guests
  4. Filling in the contact details of the person making the reservation
  5. Filling in the guest’s data
  6. Acceptance of GTC
  7. Completion

The form used by the online reservation system ensures the identification and correction of any errors that may arise during the reservation.

The Guest can make a reservation in accordance with the service contract defined in these GTC through the online reservation system on the Company’s website. When making a reservation in the online reservation system, the Guest acknowledges and accepts the content of these Terms and Conditions by ticking the checkbox and submitting the reservation.

2.3. The reservation includes the time of arrival and departure, the contact details of the person making the reservation (name, phone number, e-mail address, country), the details of the Guest/s (name, address, country), and the room type. The Company is entitled to cancel the reservation if the provided data proves to be incorrect or untrue and the real intention of the reservation cannot be verified. Upon cancellation, the Guest/s’ right to accommodation ceases. If possible, the Company will notify the Guest of the cancellation.

2.4. The Company sends an official confirmation of the reservation by email/in writing within 48 hours, with which the Contract is established and the content of which forms part of the Contract. In the absence of official confirmation, the Contract will not be concluded.

2.5. The Contract is drawn up in Hungarian and is considered a written contract. The Company does not file the Contract, the data of the Contract are recorded and can be accessed later only to the extent that they are contained in the data of the accommodation management software.

2.6. The Agreement is concluded for a definite period of time, until the Service is used. If the Guest permanently leaves the Boarding House before the end of the period specified in the reservation, the Company is entitled to compensation for 100 percent of the unused Service, and is even entitled to re-let/sell the vacated room.


3.1 Changing an already officially confirmed reservation to a different date or changing the number of guests is possible by email or on the basis of a written request, depending on the available capacity.

3.2 The Company will send an official confirmation by email/in writing of the acceptance of the modification of the reservation. In the absence of official confirmation, the reservation will not be modified.

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